Stronger than a Jacket

Stronger than a Jacket

Thoughts on the “Back to School Essentials” PSA

Wednesday morning, Sandy Hook Promise launched a PSA called “Back to School Essentials” that has taken the internet by storm. The video is the latest addition to the lineup of anti-violence PSAs the group launches each year. And this one is getting lots of attention for its gut-wrenching depiction of school children using new back-to-school gear to survive an active shooter situation. Running shoes and a skateboard become escape tools; a new red jacket becomes a makeshift door lock; art scissors and colored pencils become defensive weapons for children hiding behind doors. As the excruciating video ends, a coveted new phone becomes a means to send one last “I love you mom.”


Sandy Hook Promise’s Educational Mission

Founded by parents of the victims of 2012’s Sandy Hook Shootings, Sandy Hook Promise aims to prevent school shootings through education. Their latest campaign—”Know the Signs”—is designed to highlight warning signs of behaviors that could lead to violence. Here at HAVEN, we whole-heartedly support the educational mission of Sandy Hook Promise, and we know that this type of work is an essential piece of a comprehensive long term strategy to combat school violence.

HAVEN Offers a Solution That Works Now

We also know that we can’t afford to wait for long term results when it comes to saving the lives of our children. Time is of the essence in this crisis, and we must complement educational campaigns and big picture strategies with boots on the ground, impactful solutions that we can implement now.

While bulletproof backpacks have become a troubling symbol of school safety concerns in our modern era, Sandy Hook Promise’s latest video keenly highlights the painful absurdity of trusting school supplies and wardrobe staples to save our kids. The imagery of the young girl securing the doors with her jacket was especially poignant for us, because we know that impenetrable barricades are one of the best ways to stop an active shooter. A cotton jacket won’t do it, but a military-grade device that can be activated in less than two seconds will.

Haven Lockdown™ Barricades Classroom Doors Against Active Intruders

Informed by co-founder Alex Bertelli’s Special Ops experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan, the design of Haven Lockdown™ has been optimized for strength, safety, and simplicity. A teacher can activate the ADA and Fire Code compliant lock with one touch, securing their classroom in seconds. Key fob, smartphone app, and mechanical activation offer multiple solutions in a time of crisis, and Lockdown Training modules provide teachers and administrators with the information they need to feel confident implementing Haven Lockdown™ as a security solution.

We’re HAVEN, and We’re Here to Help Keep Our Children Safe

HAVEN was founded by former members of the military and law enforcement. They know what real danger is and have created rock solid defense systems like HAVEN Lockdown™ to put an end to active violence in our schools, places of worship, and offices.

Why Lockdown?

Why Lockdown?

Active Shooter Events in the United States By the Numbers

557: People wounded in an active shooter event between 2000 and 2013.

484:  People killed in an active shooter event between 2000 and 2013.

160: Active shooter incidents occurred between 2000 and 2013.

70: Percent of active shooter events occurred in commerce/business or educational sites.

60: Percent of active shooter incidents ended before police arrived.

52: Percent of school shooting incidents that occurred in classrooms and hallways.

18: Average delay (in minutes) until law enforcement arrives at the scene of an active shooter event.

12: Average number of minutes an active shooter event lasts.

2: Number of seconds it takes to activate Haven Lockdown.

Sadly, active shooter incidents are increasing. Between 2000 and 2003, the United States experienced an annual average of 32.5 casualties (dead and wounded) from active shooter incidents. Ten years later (2010 – 2013), that average annual casualty rate had risen to 116. That’s a 357% increase, and it’s not slowing down. In 2018, the FBI reported 213 casualties from active shooter incidents.

Let’s bring the numbers down. Haven Lockdown allows you to securely barricade your door almost instantly at the touch of a button. You don’t have to be a numbers person to understand that in an active shooter situation, time is everything. A safety solution is useless if implementation is difficult or time consuming. HAVEN combines smart design and military grade materials in a beautifully simple device that activates on demand.

You want to do everything you can to keep those in your care safe. We’re here to help.

0: Reasons to wait. Protect your school, business, or place of worship now with Haven Lockdown™—the smarter, stronger solution.

Data sources: National Sheriffs’ Association and FBI publications ( A Study of Active Shooter Events in the United State Between 2000-2013 and Active Shooter Events in the United States in 2018).

HavenLock, Inc. Announces Z-Wave Integration For Their Flagship Residential Smart Lock

Nashville, TN – 9/15/2019 — HavenLock, Inc. has announced that their flagship home security product now offers Z-Wave technology for smart home integration. Z-Wave is a wireless communication protocol that allows devices to communicate with each other using low-energy radio waves. This connectivity allows homeowners to control networked devices from a smartphone, tablet, or computer, making it even easier to integrate Haven’s industry-leading security products into their increasingly connected lives.

Implementing Z-Wave technology in a new model called Haven Lock Z-Wave also increases the smart lock’s power and flexibility as a home security solution. Z-Wave is used by many major home security firms, including ADT, Vivint and Frontpoint, and by platforms such as, to create networked and automated security solutions. Adding Z-Wave capabilities allows Haven Lock Z-Wave to integrate seamlessly into comprehensive modern smart home security systems. “The biggest security brands in the world have shown great interest in HAVEN products,” HAVEN founder Alex Bertolli said. “They’ve asked us to integrate Haven Lock into their platforms, and adding the Z-Wave communication protocol allows us to do that. Haven Lock Z-Wave brings our break-in prevention devices to brand new markets, helping us keep more people safe in their homes.”

Developed by Danish firm Zensys in 1999, modern Z-Wave technology currently connects over 3000 products made by 700+ companies. Its protocol enables communication between things like lighting controls, outlets, remote controls, smart home security systems and locks, and thermostats. Beyond home security services, Z-Wave is used by a broad range of global service providers, including AT&T, GE/Interlogics, Honeywell, Lowes, Verizon, and more.

About HavenLock, Inc.

HavenLock, Inc. offers residential and commercial smart locks designed to keep intruders out with one touch and/or automated activation. Over 10x stronger than a deadbolt, residential HAVEN smart locks use military grade materials in a design created by former Special Operations Military pilot Alex Bertelli. Bertelli’s combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan informs everything from the lock’s design to the company’s goal of becoming a thought leader in the security space. HavenLock, Inc. proudly employs veterans and manufactures their line of security products in the U.S. Learn more about HAVEN’s residential and commercial offerings at and

Lockdown Key Fob 101

Lockdown Key Fob 101

Key Fob 101

key fobAside from the lock itself, your Lockdown key fob is probably the most important piece of hardware in the HAVEN Lockdown™ system. It puts safety, control, and peace of mind right in the palm of your hand. So let’s take a closer look at this critically important device and how it can help keep you and your students, parishioners, or employees safe.

The Lockdown Key Fob is Tiny But Mighty

The Lockdown key fob is small–at 2” x 3”, it looks very similar to the car key fobs that many of us have on our keychains. Inside this tiny case is a standard coin cell battery that generally lasts up to 3 years. We recommend changing the key fob battery on a normal maintenance schedule.

Encrypted Bluetooth Connection Powers the Lockdown Key Fob  

Once your HAVEN Lockdown™ device is installed on your classroom or office door, you will pair the fob with the lock by using a simple two-step process.

key fob layout

The LED lights on both the job and lock will flash and cycle back and forth once you have successfully paired the key fob.


Simple Operation Makes the Lockdown Key Fob Mistake-Proof

Like the car remotes you’re used to, the Lockdown key fob operates with the simple and instantaneous touch of a button. With only two buttons on the device, the only options are Lock and Unlock. Each button activates or deactivates the Lockdown device in less than two seconds with one touch.

Proximity Makes the Lockdown Key Fob Your Go-To Solution

In the event of an intruder or active shooter situation, speed is critical. The best way to activate your HAVEN Lockdown™ smart lock is always going to be the closest. That’s why we recommend wearing the key fob on your person at all times using a lanyard. When you have the fob with you, you always have the power to instantaneously lock down your space and keep threats out.

Multiple Options Make Lockdown the Best Solution

The Lockdown key fob isn’t the only way to activate or deactivate the smart lock. If you find yourself separated from the fob at a critical time, you can always activate the lock mechanically at the door. Another alternative that works from a distance is the Haven app on your smartphone.

At Haven, we know it’s important to have options and backup solutions during a threatening situation. Affordable and easy to implement, HAVEN Lockdown™ is the stronger, smarter lock for your school, workplace, or house of worship.

One Motion Unlock

One Motion Unlock

fire alarm

One Motion Unlock

What Does it Mean? Why is it Important?

We’ve spent a lot of time making sure HAVEN Lockdown™ is smart enough and strong enough to make your school, sanctuary, or office a fortress against active shooters and other external threats. But although keeping the bad guys out is our strong suit, we know it’s also crucial to provide for easy evacuation when necessary. Complying with one motion unlock requirements ensures the safety of everyone inside the room in the event a fast exit is required. One motion unlock means that the lock can be released with one simple motion that can be accomplished with one hand. No codes to punch in, no complicated series of steps, no heavy bar to slide away–even a small child can disable HAVEN Lockdown™ with one-touch if necessary.

Fire Safety is a Key Driver for One Motion Unlock Requirements

Once upon a time, fire was the biggest threat to worry about when designing schools and other public spaces. Detailed fire safety codes dictate many aspects of residential and institutional architectural design, and egress (means of exit) has always been a key focus area. In the event of fire, it is critically important that large groups of people be able to exit a building quickly and safely. In a situation of panic and chaos, a lock must have the ability to be easily opened by anyone–including the disabled and the very young. The tragic 1958 Our Lady of Angels School fire–in which 92 students and three nuns died–inspired major changes in school safety regulations, and caused thousands of buildings to be updated across the country.

rescue from fire

Fire Safety codes demand easy egress for swift evacuation

Modern Threats Have Evolved; Safety Protocols Must Keep Up

With the advent of advanced fire prevention, detection, and suppression technologies, fires are no longer the biggest threat facing children in classrooms. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, “U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 4,980 structure fires in educational properties in 2011–2015, annually. These fires caused annual averages of one civilian death.” During the same period, the Center for Homeland Defense and Security reports that 15 active shooter events occurred in schools, and gun violence in schools caused 92 deaths. School data from recent years only shows a worsening trend, with 15 active shooter incidents and 71 deaths already reported in 2018 and the first half of 2019. School safety and security protocols simply must take this growing gun violence threat into account, while complying with existing codes and standards.

HAVEN Lockdown™ is Designed for Maximum Compliance and Maximum Security

HAVEN Lockdown™ offers multiple unlock options for maximum flexibility and functionality. Every Lockdown installation offers a simple unlock mechanism on the lock itself. The device can also be instantly unlocked with one touch of a keyfob, phone-based app, and a wall mounted egress only button or a door mounted motion sensor to meet the 2018 Life Safety Codes for egress of an emergency only lock. HAVEN Lockdown is compliant with all of the major codes and standards governing institutional spaces, including:

  • FCC
  • 2018 Life Safety
  • NFPA
  • ADA
egress button

HAVEN Lockdown’s one-touch highly visible Egress Button can be mounted at any height to allow children and disabled to easily disable the lock for evacuation.

HAVEN Lockdown™ is the Solution for Safety and Peace of Mind

HavenLock’s goal is to make your school, sanctuary, hospital, or place of business as safe as possible. Our military grade door lock offers enhanced protection against active shooters and other external threats by allowing teachers and administrators to lock down individual rooms without sacrificing other critical safety features. While the rise of mass shootings has us focused on keeping threats out, we know it’s equally important to be able to evacuate a space quickly when necessary. Lockdown’s instant egress options provide solutions that work for everyone.

To learn more about HAVEN Lockdown™ and our proactive safety solutions, contact us today. We’d love to help you keep your people safer.

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