A safe HAVEN for Christmas

A few weeks ago, we asked Adriane Greene, a teacher in a rural school district in North Carolina, to take the time to learn about HAVEN Lockdown and tell us what she thought. Adriane teaches Exceptional Children in grades 6-12, and like many teachers around the country, she’s concerned about her students’ physical safety and mental and emotional health in an environment where school shootings are becoming horrifyingly commonplace.

We loved what Adriane had to say—we loved it so much we decided to see what other teachers around the country have to say about HAVEN Lockdown. So we’re launching a contest: CALLING ALL TEACHERS—WIN SCHOOL SUPPLIES FOR YOUR CLASSROOM! Tell us about the great things happening in your classroom and you could win a $50 or even $500 gift card to Staples to purchase classroom supplies! Visit the contest page to learn more and to enter, and read Adriane’s word below:

“Christmas is right around the corner. It’s hard for me, as a teacher in a rural public school system to get as excited about Christmas as I used to before I became a teacher. “Do my students have enough food for Christmas break?” “Will their families be able to afford presents?” “Do they have heat in their homes?” All of these questions swirl around my head while I decorate my classroom and think about the million-and-one things I need to get done for my own family’s Holiday. I can’t control most of those things that I worry about for the sake of my students, but there is one thing I can control, which is the safety of my classroom.

North Carolina Classroom

Adriane Greene’s classroom in rural North Carolina is an emotional haven for her students.

I work very hard to make my classroom a safe place for my students. They know they can come to me with problems they are dealing with in their lives, ‘drama’ with friends, or another class they are having a hard time with. My students trust me to keep my classroom a safe place. However, I know there is more that I can do to keep it physically safe. Each December, my mind drifts to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, and all of those teachers who did their best every day to make their classrooms safe, but they were no match for an active shooter. Some retail outlets have responded with ‘school supplies’ such as bullet-proof backpacks, jackets, and colored pencils to use as weapons. Active shooter drills across our school systems are carried out, sometimes up to monthly, without regard to how these drills might be traumatizing and stressful to students who already deal with more emotional stress than is healthy for them. There has to be a better, smarter way. 

When I learned about the HAVEN Lockdown system, I immediately thought to myself, “this is the missing piece.” The HAVEN Lockdown is a device I can control remotely with my phone or the press of a button on a key fob, making it fast and efficient in an active-shooter situation. With the HAVEN lockdown, I would have the power to protect all of my students within the walls of my classroom, and myself, and ensure that we could all go home to our families after a worst-case scenario. No bullet-proof backpacks, no use of writing utensils to ‘fight back,’ and no having to worry about about putting my students at risk by fleeing my classroom. 

This Christmas, my wish would be to have less worry and fear for my students’ safety and well-being. It’s a lofty wish, for sure, but with HAVEN Lockdown, I know I would have more peace of mind, which, for us teachers, is one of the best gifts of all.” 

Adriane Green | Exceptional Children Teacher, Grades 6-12, North Carolina

Calling all teachers—Win supplies for your classroom with HAVEN!

Calling all teachers—Win supplies for your classroom with HAVEN!

We want to hear your voice—and you can win big!

Our schools should be havens—places to nurture young minds and engage the next generation of leaders and deep thinkers. Tactical training and defensive drills shouldn’t be part of the curriculum; teachers shouldn’t have to feel that they’re putting their life on the line to teach reading and math. Creativity, passion, kindness, and curiosity belong in our classrooms. Armed intruders do not. 

At HAVEN, our mission is to make every school in America safer and less vulnerable to active threats. We know our teachers and children deserve more, and we know that teachers are incredible advocates for themselves and the children in their care. That’s why we want to hear from you this holiday season. Snap a picture of your classroom (make sure none of your students are in the photo!) and send it to us with a brief statement to tell us why you’d love to have Lockdown at your school. Tell us about your classroom and all the amazing things happening inside it; tell us about your kids; tell us about your passion. Inspire us and teach us about everything that’s worth protecting. We want to hear your voice, and we want to keep you safer. 

Share your “All I Want for the Holidays” story and you could win school supplies for your classroom! If we publish your photo and story as a finalist, you’ll get a $50 Staples gift card to purchase supplies for your classroom. We know you’re going to wow us, so we’re planning to have lots of finalists! If your essay is selected as the ultimate winner, you’ll get a $500 Staples gift card. 

Just upload your classroom photo (NO KIDS PLEASE!) below, and include your statement about why you’d love to have Lockdown at your school. A few quick notes: You can be creative with your classroom photo—it doesn’t have to be a shot of the entire room. Feel free to show us your favorite spot, your kids’ favorite spot, or maybe even the place where your kids have to go during lockdown drills. When it comes to your statement, be as personal as you can without using names or revealing details about students or other teachers. Tell us a compelling story with your words and your image, and you’ll be a winner! You can composes your statement right in the window below, or cut and paste it in. (The window looks small, but there’s no character limit, so type away!)  Any questions? Reach out to support@havenlock.com!

    HAVEN values teachers, and we want to hear what you have to say. Thanks for all you do.

    An Idea Born in Service

    An Idea Born in Service

    When Alex Bertelli first deployed to Iraq in 2008, he didn’t know that he’d find his passion and his life’s work welded to the inside of a door outside of Tikrit. He was headed to the Middle East as a helicopter pilot with an Army Special Operations team flying active combat missions. His goals were simple. Fight for his country. Defeat the bad guys. Come back alive. 

    Over the course of his eight year deployment, Alex flew repeated missions into insurgent territory in Iraq and Afghanistan. And that thing he first saw in Tikrit? He saw variations of it everywhere. It was a solid bar of metal welded to the bottom of the doors his team needed to enter. It was simple, but it was strong, and it did a really good job of keeping the Special Ops forces out.  

    Recreating the Metal Bar in Nashville

    Fast forward 8 years. Alex was out of the military, living in Nashville, and faced with a string of robberies in his neighborhood. His friends and neighbors were falling victim to a different kind of bad guy, and the deadbolt locks they had trusted to keep their homes secure were virtually useless. Alex remembered the welded bar, and he set out to replicate the incredibly strong device in a design that would work in today’s modern home. HAVEN was born. 

    Havenlock is based on the same physics principles that allowed the insurgents to confound our military’s Special Ops across the world. But instead of welded metal, it’s formed from military grade Delrin® plastic and steel with a sleek appearance that blends seamlessly with any home’s decor. Havenlock is ten times stronger than a deadbolt, and infinitely smarter. The lock can be controlled manually or remotely via key fob or mobile app. 

    Adapting Havenlock for Institutional Spaces

    With Havenlock proving its worth in the residential market, Alex and the rest of the HAVEN team looked at the mass shooting epidemic plaguing the U.S. They knew that with some design tweaks, their smart lock could offer an immediate security solution for schools, churches, and offices. Haven Lockdown™ uses the same military grade materials and smart design, adapted for application in wider institutional doors. In the event of an active shooter or other threat, teachers and administrators can activate the HAVEN Lockdown™ device instantaneously, stopping the shooter in their tracks.

    Havenlock and HAVEN Lockdown™ are the stronger, smarter solutions for residential and institutional safety. Alex Bertelli’s combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan informs every aspect of the company, from design and manufacturing to the company’s position as a thought leader in the security space. HavenLock, Inc. proudly employs veterans and manufactures their line of security products in the U.S. Learn more about HAVEN’s residential products at www.havenlock.com.

    Stronger than a Jacket

    Stronger than a Jacket

    Thoughts on the “Back to School Essentials” PSA

    Wednesday morning, Sandy Hook Promise launched a PSA called “Back to School Essentials” that has taken the internet by storm. The video is the latest addition to the lineup of anti-violence PSAs the group launches each year. And this one is getting lots of attention for its gut-wrenching depiction of school children using new back-to-school gear to survive an active shooter situation. Running shoes and a skateboard become escape tools; a new red jacket becomes a makeshift door lock; art scissors and colored pencils become defensive weapons for children hiding behind doors. As the excruciating video ends, a coveted new phone becomes a means to send one last “I love you mom.”


    Sandy Hook Promise’s Educational Mission

    Founded by parents of the victims of 2012’s Sandy Hook Shootings, Sandy Hook Promise aims to prevent school shootings through education. Their latest campaign—”Know the Signs”—is designed to highlight warning signs of behaviors that could lead to violence. Here at HAVEN, we whole-heartedly support the educational mission of Sandy Hook Promise, and we know that this type of work is an essential piece of a comprehensive long term strategy to combat school violence.

    HAVEN Offers a Solution That Works Now

    We also know that we can’t afford to wait for long term results when it comes to saving the lives of our children. Time is of the essence in this crisis, and we must complement educational campaigns and big picture strategies with boots on the ground, impactful solutions that we can implement now.

    While bulletproof backpacks have become a troubling symbol of school safety concerns in our modern era, Sandy Hook Promise’s latest video keenly highlights the painful absurdity of trusting school supplies and wardrobe staples to save our kids. The imagery of the young girl securing the doors with her jacket was especially poignant for us, because we know that impenetrable barricades are one of the best ways to stop an active shooter. A cotton jacket won’t do it, but a military-grade device that can be activated in less than two seconds will.

    Haven Lockdown™ Barricades Classroom Doors Against Active Intruders

    Informed by co-founder Alex Bertelli’s Special Ops experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan, the design of Haven Lockdown™ has been optimized for strength, safety, and simplicity. A teacher can activate the ADA and Fire Code compliant lock with one touch, securing their classroom in seconds. Key fob, smartphone app, and mechanical activation offer multiple solutions in a time of crisis, and Lockdown Training modules provide teachers and administrators with the information they need to feel confident implementing Haven Lockdown™ as a security solution.

    We’re HAVEN, and We’re Here to Help Keep Our Children Safe

    HAVEN was founded by former members of the military and law enforcement. They know what real danger is and have created rock solid defense systems like HAVEN Lockdown™ to put an end to active violence in our schools, places of worship, and offices.

    Why Lockdown?

    Why Lockdown?

    Active Shooter Events in the United States By the Numbers

    557: People wounded in an active shooter event between 2000 and 2013.

    484:  People killed in an active shooter event between 2000 and 2013.

    160: Active shooter incidents occurred between 2000 and 2013.

    70: Percent of active shooter events occurred in commerce/business or educational sites.

    60: Percent of active shooter incidents ended before police arrived.

    52: Percent of school shooting incidents that occurred in classrooms and hallways.

    18: Average delay (in minutes) until law enforcement arrives at the scene of an active shooter event.

    12: Average number of minutes an active shooter event lasts.

    2: Number of seconds it takes to activate Haven Lockdown.

    Sadly, active shooter incidents are increasing. Between 2000 and 2003, the United States experienced an annual average of 32.5 casualties (dead and wounded) from active shooter incidents. Ten years later (2010 – 2013), that average annual casualty rate had risen to 116. That’s a 357% increase, and it’s not slowing down. In 2018, the FBI reported 213 casualties from active shooter incidents.

    Let’s bring the numbers down. Haven Lockdown allows you to securely barricade your door almost instantly at the touch of a button. You don’t have to be a numbers person to understand that in an active shooter situation, time is everything. A safety solution is useless if implementation is difficult or time consuming. HAVEN combines smart design and military grade materials in a beautifully simple device that activates on demand.

    You want to do everything you can to keep those in your care safe. We’re here to help.

    0: Reasons to wait. Protect your school, business, or place of worship now with Haven Lockdown™—the smarter, stronger solution.

    Data sources: National Sheriffs’ Association and FBI publications ( A Study of Active Shooter Events in the United State Between 2000-2013 and Active Shooter Events in the United States in 2018).